My name is Revd Sue McWhinney, and I work together with Revd Andrew Steer, Vicar of the Upper Aire Benefice, which comprises the churches of Gargrave, Coniston Cold, and Kirkby Malham. I am based at Kirkby Malham, and Andrew is based at Gargrave.


Although a medieval treasure of Malhamdale,  St Michael the Archangel is very much a living church. Our main Sunday Service is the Eucharist in which we are fed by the celebration of Communion - sharing the bread & wine as Jesus did with his disciples at the last Supper. Nourished in this way we are strengthened to follow in the footsteps of Jesus in our daily lives. We praise God in our services with hymn singing, accomapnied by the organ, or by music played over the sound system, and our services include a short sermon, and a time for prayers. Children are welcome at all of our services.

Prayer is offered daily by our community and there is the opportunity to request prayers in the Lady Chapel.

Malhamdale, and in particular St Michael's, receives many visitors and pilgrims. We are glad to be the custodians of such a beautiful church, which was extensively rebuilt in 1490 by the White Canons of West Dereham in Norfolk. Their aim was to give glory to God and to worship him through his Son Jesus Christ.

Our church is open from approx 9am to dusk every day of the year. Many visitors write in our visitors book that they appreciate the quiet, spiritual and prayerful atmosphere here.

Please do join us for Sunday Worship or just make a quiet visit.

May the peace of God be with you.

Sue McWhinney, Associate Priest, Kirkby Malham.