The life of our church

Our main act of Worship is the Sunday Eucharist (Holy Communion) which begins at 10am each Sunday. The service follows the pattern of Common Worship with modern language as authorised by the Church of England. Some parts of the service are sung along with a variety of hymns.

In 2022, from 6th February onwards, the pattern for the first Sunday of the month will be different. We are piloting a pattern where on the first Sunday of each month the main 10am service will be Family Worship, a service suitable for families with children as well as people of all ages who would prefer a more informal style of non-communion service. On those dates there will also be an 8.30am BCP Communion service using the traditional language. On the remaining Sundays of each month we will continue to have a Sung Eucharist with hymns at 10am.