St Michael the Archangel Kirkby Malham

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Clergy: Revd Sue McWhinney

Kirkby Malham, BD23 4BS

Churchyard Wildflower Area

Part of our churchyard is being transformed into a place where wildlife and flowers can thrive. This will take time to mature, but the plant diversity is already changing, and more flowers are starting to grow and, eventually, the grass will be less prominent. Other parts of the churchyard are mown by a team of volunteers and periodically sheep graze the fenced in area.

You can read more about how we hope to develop this area on the signs on the fence when you visit. So far this year we have had a great display of flowers, starting with a wonderful display of bright yellow celandine, followed by cuckoo flower, a mass of blue speedwell and a few meadow saxifrages. Sorrel, bistort, and cowslips have followed. Vetch is flowering in June, along with some forget-me-not and white clover. Common hogweed (this is different from giant hogweed, a toxic introduction) is growing amongst the longer grass.

Last Autumn local yellow rattle seeds were sown, and the plants look to be doing well. This is an important plant for the development of diversity as it is parasitic on grass, slowing growth. We have just planted meadowsweet, wild carrot, cow parsley and a few melancholy thistles, which it is hoped will self-propagate. There are some thistles and nettles (which will be contained), which are good for insects (and other invertebrates), and of course buttercups and dandelions.

Yellow Rattle 

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