Funerals and Churchyard

St Michael's is the Parish Church for Malhamdale, we are here for you, and at times of bereavement we can offer you the option of a church funeral, or a member of our clergy to take a funeral service for you at the Crematorium. We offer this service to all local residents, whether they have had any connections with church in the past or not. Your chosen funeral director is normally the first point of contact, but if you'd like to ask anything about funerals, bereavement, or what support the church can offer, do please get in touch with Revd Sue on or 01729 830293, or 07484 181699. Your enquiry will be treated with the utmost confidence.

You will also find some useful information on the Church of England Funerals website Church of England Funerals website

Churchyards are governed by the rules of the Church of England, and any burial, interment of ashes, placing of a memorial stone, or any modification to an exisiting memorial stone (such as additional wording), can only take place with the written permission of the Vicar. Fresh flowers are welcome, but artificial flowers or ornaments are not allowed. A full copy of the Churchyard Regulations may be found at the back of church, and the Churchwardens or the Clergy would be happy to talk with you further if you have any queries about the Churchyard.

You can also find the full regulations on the Leeds diocesan website at Churchyard Regulations (look at 'Chancellor's General Directions' and also 'Churchyard Regulations' in the tabs on the left of the diocesan page)

If you have an enquiry about a past burial in our churchyard, we have documentation available inside church to help you find a grave, or you can send an enquiry email to us via our contacts page. 

You can also find photos of many of the gravestones in our churchyard at Billion Graves

We are most thankful for the hard work of a team of local volunteers, who keep the church grounds well cared for, and who regularly cut the grass in summer. Please contact us if you would like to join them.